Yes No Oracle Predictions For 2014, 2015, 2016

Why should I use the Yes No Oracle?

Our Yes No Oracle can help you address some of the everyday problems that you face in 2014, 2015. It is most effective in addressing those problems where your question can be answered with yes or no.

If you’re wondering whether you should get engaged, have children or look for a new job, this is the tool for you. The list of possible questions is endless. Our Yes No Fortune Teller is a tool that is not only user-friendly but also provides the user with a very clear picture of the future. The strength of our tool lies in its ability to provide clarity and spiritual inspiration to those who use it.

The ability to exercise intuition or to be labelled a clairvoyant does not necessarily imply that you had this gift from birth. Quite the opposite. In fact, it is something natural that occurs as part of your natural development without having to give it much attention or to increase your knowledge in this area. This free online Yes or No Oracle can be very useful in helping you to hone these tendencies.

Where does it come from?

According to the some of the ancient literature it was common for priests to wear stones as part of their armor. The stones were known as Urim and Thummim and were engraved with words meaning Yes and No. Hence the direct relationship with the modern Yes No Oracle as it is popularly known today.

Yes Or No Oracle

In those times it was popular belief that only noblemen or spiritual men had the ability to consult and interpret the Urim and Thummin. It was expected that you should spend a considerable amount of time contemplating before making any decisions or recommending any action based upon your interpretation of these fortune stones. There was also a rule that the stones should only be consulted where it was in the best interests of the general public.

How can I discover its secrets?

You, too, can look into your future, just like those ancient wise men who used to consult the Yes No Oracle to help them make decisions about important events in their life. Just make sure that you pose your questions in a way that the answer can only be a Yes or No. The answer is only a mouse click away but it may end up changing your life completely in 2014, 2015, you never know. At the end of the day it will be up to you to make decisions about your future. Our Yes or No Oracle invites you to come and experience the modern day version of this ancient force.

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