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Here you can select the cards you want to practice / memorize. You can change these whenever you want or when you have cleared one objective.
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Since the keywords for both upright & reversed are the same, during keyword test, reversed or upright will not be taken into account. Also during the memorizing process everything - upright, reversed & keywords - are shown in one screen.
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As you are probably aware, Tarot cards date back thousands of years and have always been popular because of their effectiveness in telling people’s fortunes. Professional Tarot Card readers also use the cards to help people work through some of their most pressing issues and provide them options on how to resolve them.

With the help of our Tarot Learning application you will soon learn the main principles behind the use of Tarot Cards. Because they are so easy to use you do not need any prior knowledge of Tarot Card reading. They are based on the standard Rider Waite Deck, being the most commonly used form of Tarot Cards, especially for newcomers to the world of Tarot Card Reading.

You will see that the symbols and images on the cards are easily recognizable. The key messages and interpretations that sit behind these are also written in plain language to make them easy for you to understand.

Sounds simple? - Then make a start right now.

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You will also see that the Tarot Cards are divided up into two sets, one being the Major Arcana, the other the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is divided into two suits symbolised by four different symbolic types of artefacts. We provide you with a glossary all of the relevant terminology and underlying meanings for every one of these cards. These meanings change depending on which way round the cards appear in the spread.

Our online learn tarot application will help you learn all of this terminology and how it relates to the deck cards. You can then test yourself at any time to see how much of it you have remembered. Become an expert Tarot Readertoday!

As the design and appearance of Tarot Card Decks are continually being updated and reinvented you may find this confusing as a beginner.

In designing our tools we put a lot of emphasis on providing you insight into the most fundamental principles of Tarot Card Readings. This will then stand you in good stead when you are ready to progress to the next stage of learning.

We have just one goal - to inspire you to discover the world of Tarot Cards.

As you progress, you will uncover new and wondrous details about the secret world of Tarot Card Reading.

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