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Chaldean numerology is one of the oldest forms of numerology. While not as popular as Pythagorean numerology, the Chaldean system is often more precise. Much of this has to do with the fact that the system is more complex and less consistent. There is a very strong edge of the mystic attached to the Chaldean system. Here is your chance to get your free Chaldean numerology chart online for 2014, 2015, 2016.

While most numerological systems use your legal name the Chaldean system prefers the name that you use. As a quick example Louis Wheeler is a six. The second most important aspect of the system is the date of birth meaning literally the day in the month. In the Chaldean number system this date influences how you present yourself to the world, your well-being and other aspects of you.

The Chaldean numerology number system is not from 1 to 9 but rather from 1 to 8. The number nine was seen as sacred and kept separate.

This is name chosen to be used as an example:

Leslie 3+ 5+3+3+1+5 = 20 when these digits are added together the final number for this first name is 2.

Eric 5+2+1+3 = 11 when added together one gets to 2 again. When you add together the numerals for each name you have 2+2 = 4.


Once the numbers have been determined the meanings and symbols are very much alike in several different numerological systems. But in the Chaldean system more than one number has significance. Leslie Salt gives us a final number seven with all three names included. The single-digit is representative of the physical self and the compound number 11 as an example will represent the metaphysical aspects of the individual.

The next major item is the day of birth: this is the day of the month on which an individual is born this is considered highly significant as it never changes whereas the name may change for various reasons. This would mean that our example would be both a seven and eight in the Chaldean system. The day you were born is also one of your primary numbers.

The Chaldean system uses a series of vibrations to describe your placement in the world. There are basically 52 numbers representing the weeks of the year. Chaldean vibration tables or meanings are available and you can find out whether your name has positive or negative vibration.

Here are a couple of vibrations as examples that appear in a Chaldean numerology prediction. so that you have some idea of what we’re talking about.

11: For those who study the occult eleven is not a happy number. It is a warning number indicating possible treachery and danger that is hidden. The symbol for the number 11 would be either a “clenched hand” or “a lion muscled”. These are the traditional symbols given to this number.

27: This is a positive number and the symbol for this number is “the scepter.” In Western culture the scepter is an indicator of the right to rule and here it shows similar promise. It indicates that there may be a reward from creative methods and good seeds that will reap a good harvest. Were this number to appear for an individual, then he should complete the course of action himself. Whenever this is linked to future events 27 can be seen as unfortunate number.

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