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Flames Love Game

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Our Flames Love Game - 2014 tells you just how far your relationship with the opposite sex can develop. It tells you whether your relations with this person has any chance of developing into a more intimate one or you will just remain friends. By using the Flames love calculator you can find out the potential of any relationship you are involved in. You will have a lot of fun using it.

The calculator is very aptly called FLAMES because the nature of your relationships can be categorized by the following words that form the acronym:

Friends - This may be a relationship based on pure friendship
Lovers - Possibly an intimate relationship
Affection - A relationship based on fondness for each other
Marriage - A well-suited relationship that bodes well for marriage
Enemy - A relationship that may be based on hate and conflict
Sister - Someone who is part of the family

A relationship is essentially dependent on how well the two parties are suited. This love calculator, therefore, considers the level of compatibility between two people and provides you an analysis that indicates the substance and intensity of the relationship.

Also known as a love test, our calculator works out all this information based on the individual letters that make up both first names.

Now available for 2014, 2015, 2016

So think of a relationship that you are involved in at the moment and enter your details into our FLAMES Love Game. You will soon find out if this is going to be a lasting relationship and on what basis!

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