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Tamil Astrology or Pancha Pakshi Shastra has its foundation on the theory of Vedic Astrology but differs from it in the distinct method of inference and forecasting. Astrology in Tamil places importance on the position of Birth Star or Nakshatra in the birth chart while Vedic astrology is based on the moon sign at the time of birth. The position of Nakshatra in the natal chart generates specific personality traits which will decide the way you interact with people and surroundings.

Tamil Horoscope

Matching of Nakshatra and the governing planet at the time of birth plays a major role in the future of a person, according to Tamil horoscopes.

Panch Pakshi or Five Birds system of Tamil astrology has a different approach towards time. Five birds, namely Vulture, Owl, Crow, Cock and Peacock are equivalent to the Pancha Bhutas or Five Elements of Vedic Astrology.

There are five activities such as Rule, Eat, Walk, Sleep or Die associated with these birds.

12 hours of day and night are divided into periods of 2 hours and 24 minutes for each bird and the time of the bird will decide the auspiciousness for doing important activities by an individual.

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